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What makes pulp egg cartons 100% environment-friendly?

According to Carbon Monitor’s daily real-time carbon emission detection method, the global carbon emissions are mainly from electricity (39%), industrial production (28%), land transportation (18%) air transportation, shipping (2%) and residential industrial consumption (10%). The production of plastic chemicals in industrial production accounts for 4%. Therefore, to solve white pollution and meet carbon emission standards, more than 30 countries issued clearly legislate, regulations and policies to restrict the production and sales of plastic products. In this context, pulp molding has become a hot favorite under the new situation, especially in food packaging, which is widely promoted and used. The development of the pulp molding industry has ushered in a new phrase with the requirements of national policies. This chance is also for pulp egg cartons. 

However, many opponents wonders–are pulp egg cartons produced by the egg carton production line 100% environmentally friendly? If so, how does it work and how is the environmental protection of the egg carton production line reflected in the production process?

Egg carton production line is the earliest pulp molding equipment, mainly producing various pulp molding products, such as pulp egg cartons, bottle holders, fruit trays, cup trays, and other trays.


Pulp egg cartons are made of waste newspapers, waste paper, idle magazines, unwanted shoebox… or any paper product as the main raw material, through a series of processes such as pulping, proportion, molding with special molds, dehydration, drying, heat treatment, and shaping. The material is reproducible and inexhaustible. 

waste paper for pulp egg cartons
egg tray material pulp


Pulp egg cartons can be reused and degraded; after adding special additives, ulp egg cartons have good waterproof and oil-proof properties, which can completely replace foam plastic products, can effectively eliminate white pollution, and have good environmental performance; It is a product recommended by environmental protection departments all over the world, and attaches great importance to environmental protection in the production process. In the whole production process, the egg carton production line has a strong sense of environmental protection from the beginning of using the main raw materials to the end of the whole production process. Its raw material is waste paper, which is mainly a physical reaction in the production and processing process. Only a small amount of chemical substances are added as water repellents. These chemical substances are basically retained in the finished product after drying, and there is no emission to cause environmental pollution.

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The pulp egg cartons can be recycled as the raw material for another production. After its service life, it is biodegradable and compostable. It can also be torn into small pieces and buried into soil to provide nutrition to plants.

To sum up, the paper egg tray is 100% environmentally friendly product and the egg carton production line can help factory meet thenational environmental protection regulations and reduce production cost.

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