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Pulp Molding Machine

Pulp molding machine is a kind of equipment, which is used in the molding process of molded pulp products. Pulp molding machine can be used to produce various types of molded pulp products and packaging products, such as paper egg tray, fruit tray, paper molded egg carton, paper shoe stretcher, car wheel hub packing, seed trays, etc. AGICO is a leading manufacturer and supplier of pulp molding machine. Our pulp molding machines have excellent materials, advanced technology, reasonable price and perfect after-sales service.

Pulp molding machine for molded paper pulp products

Introduction to Pulp Molding

Pulp molding, as an environmentally friendly and sustainable new material, possesses extensive applicability and tremendous development potential. In its applications across industrial packaging, cultural and creative industries, gifts, daily necessities, agriculture, healthcare, and catering, it demonstrates evident environmental advantages and characteristics of sustainable development. By promoting the use of pulp molding, we can effectively reduce dependence on finite resources, decrease energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions, mitigate environmental pollution, and contribute to sustainable development. In today’s emphasis on low-carbon and sustainable development, the application scope of pulp molding has greatly expanded.

The production and utilization of pulp molding also provide new opportunities for entrepreneurship, employment, and development, further driving social sustainability.

How to Choose Suitable Pulp Molding Machine?

Choosing appropriate pulp molding equipment is crucial for improving production efficiency, reducing costs, and meeting market demands. When selecting pulp molding equipment, multiple factors need consideration to ensure that the chosen devices not only meet production requirements but also guarantee favorable economic benefits.

Currently, the pulp molding industry is still in its early stages of development. Equipment standards and normalization, as seen in the printing and packaging, food packaging, and plastic packaging industries, have not been fully established. The degree of automation and standardization is relatively low, and non-standard equipment remains mainstream. This is partly due to the industry’s immaturity, presenting numerous opportunities. Breakthroughs in a specific niche could lead to significant commercial opportunities.

AGICO paper pulp molding machine for sale

We are a professional manufacturer of paper pulp molding machinery, our egg tray machine and other pulp molding machines have been installed and operated in more than 20 countries, such as Indian, Tanzanian, Philippine, Algerian, Egypt, Senegalese, Syrian, Uganda and Ivorian, Brazil, Venezuelan, Kazakhstan and so on. Customers are satisfied with our service. We provide a variety of types of pulp molding machines to customers or customize pulp molding machine according to customer needs.

12-side Egg Tray Machine
Paper egg tray molding machine
Seedling tray making machine
Paper seedling tray molding machine
Egg carton machine
Paper egg carton molding machine
Fruit tray machine
Paper fruit tray molding machine
Paper cup tray machine
Paper cup tray molding machine
Industrial tray machine
Shoe tray machine
industrial tray packaging machine
Industrial Tray Packaging Machine
Seedling tray making machine
Paper seedling tray molding machine

Characteristics of AGICO paper pulp molding machine

  • Pulp molding machine is a waste utilization machinery, which converts useless paper into cushioning package products.
  • High yield, low energy consumption. Low failure rate and simple operation.
  • Less workers are needed. The running of pulp molding machine need 1 worker, and the entire production line only needs 3-5 people.
  • Pulp molding machines can meet the individual needs of molded paper product production by replacing different molding dies.
  • The customer can choose the machine according to the output per hour.

Services for AGICO paper pulp molding machine

  1. According to customer needs, site size and local conditions, we can customize the machine and production plan for you before sale.
  2. Delivery on time and on-site installation of your machine by skilled technicians.
  3. If you have any problems in production, you can contact us. We guarantee good after-sales service.
  4. Enjoy all-around technical support and counselling all the time.

Molded paper pulp products

Molded paper pulp products include cushioning products for industrial packaging, tray products (poultry egg tray, buffer packaging of fresh fruits, fresh food packing tray), agricultural pulp molded products, special pulp molded products, disposable fast food utensils, disposable medical products. Raw materials of molded paper pulp products generally are waste books, waste newspapers, waste cartons, waste papers and paper making tail pulp. Molded paper pulp products belong to “green packaging”. They are recyclable and degradable. Raw materials come from a wide range and cost is low. Good buffer capacity, large demand. The production and sale of molded paper pulp products has become the choice of many investors. So pulp molding machine is popular in many countries.

paper pulp egg tray
Paper egg cartons
Apple trays
Bottle trays
paper shoe trays

Molds of paper pulp molding machine

Pulp molding machines are similar to paper egg tray making machine. Because of the difference of final products, different molds (molding dies) are needed. Pulp molding dies include paper egg carton molds, seed tray molds, shoe tray molds, egg tray molds, etc. Customers can customize molding dies and pulp molding machines according to their own needs.

Different molds
Use different molds to produce different paper trays
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