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Pulp Molding Machine, Egg Carton Making Machine

Egg Carton Machine

  • Model: GB4×4
  • Output: 2200-2500pcs/h
  • Power: 3kw
  • Mould Quantity: 16

Introduction of egg carton machine

Egg carton machine is also called egg carton making machine, which is suitable for poultry breeding, animal husbandry, agriculture, carton production, printing and paper industry. The machine can produce paper egg tray, egg carton, fruit tray, paper bottle tray, electronic product inner packaging, etc. Egg carton machine actual price is subject to the quotation of the sales manager. 

Egg carton machine 1
Egg carton machine
Paper egg cartons
Egg carton

Characteristics of egg carton machine

  • The raw material is waste paper, which can be widely used locally.
  • Pulp molding machine belongs to the environmental protection industry, with broad market prospects.
  • A variety of different machines, fully meet any production needs of users.
  • Less investment, quick return. Simple operation, less labor.
  • Automatic drying line can choose civil drying and metal steel structure drying.

Egg carton labeling line

Egg carton labeling line
Egg carton labeling line
  1. Capacity: about 1200-2500pc/hr
  2. Labeling precision: +/-2mm
  3. Lable must be roller; outter diamater: φ≤280mm; Inner diamater: φ76mm
  4. Label request: (L) 10mm-250mm; (W) 20mm-150mm

Egg carton pad printer (designed for every customer’s request)

Egg carton pad printer
Egg carton pad printer
  1. Capacity: about 700-900pcs/hr;
  2. Color: 4-6 colors, different sides
  3. PLC control
  4. Plate size: 150mm*250mm
  5. Power: 2000W
  6. Voltage: 220V
Sample pictures of egg carton pad printer
Sample pictures of egg carton pad printer

Egg carton printer

The Egg carton printer of AGICO has the advantages of simple operation, convenient installation and powerful printing function. It can print real-time data, bar code, QR code, database and other contents. Meanwhile, It has powerful editing function.
The structure of egg carton printer is simple. The printer is generally composed of host, power supply and nozzle. It does not need filter and cleaning or maintenance. The egg carton printer can realize multi-head code spraying, and print in different colors such as black, yellow, red, blue, white and so on.



Practical Print  Width

54 mm  72 mm 108 mm 144 mm

Print head Type

 Industrial Grayscale piezo  Printhead

Print Resolution

600*1200 dpi

Print Speed


Ink color

C(blue)  M(black)  Y(yellow)  K(red)     Special color

Ink Type

Environmental-Friendly  UV Curing Ink(VOC-Free)

Special Ink

Water-based Ink and Edible Ink

Number of Print heads

1-12个 (1-6 colors optional)

Media thickness

1-200 mm

Print Function

Pattern、2-D code、bar code、Drug Regulatory code、characters ,ect

Media Type

Hard and flexible materials

Suitable Media

Paper molded、lunch box、paper cup、plastic plate、metal plate、glass、acrylic、wood plate、tile, ect

RIP  software


Input Format

PDF. Jpg. TIF. AI ect

Electrical Requirement

220v/AC (±10%)Single Phase,50/60 HZ; 1.2kw


200 KG


3.5m (L)* 0.9M (W) *1.7 M(H)

Environment Requests

Independent、clean、low-dust、low-light、well-ventilated work room;Ambient temp: 18 ℃-30℃ (64°F-86°F)Relative Humidity : 30%-70%(non-condensing)

egg carton print machine
egg carton print machine
egg carton printer
Egg carton printer

See how it works in our video

Digital Printer For Dinner Plate

 NameK218 Digital Printer For Dinner Plate
Practical Print  Width218mm  435mm  600mm   900mm
Print head Type spray
Print Resolution1200*300  1200*400  1200*600  1200*1200 dpi
Print Speed10-30 M/min
Ink colorC(blue)  M(black)  Y(yellow)  K(red)     Special color
Ink TypeFood Contact Grade Waterproof Pigment Ink
Special InkFood Contact Grade  Water-based Dye Ink
Number of Print heads1-3 PCS
Media thickness1-100 mm
Print FunctionPattern、2-D code、bar code、Drug Regulatory code、characters ,e ct
Media TypeHard and flexible materials
Suitable MediaPaper bag、Paper box、handbag、Paper Lunch box、Non-woven Bag、White Cardboard  ect;
RIP  softwarePhotoPrint
Input FormatPDF. Jpg. TIF. AI ect
Electrical Requirement220v/AC (±10%)Single Phase,50/60 HZ; 1500kw
Weight180 KG
Size1.8m (L)* 0.9 (W) *1.7 M(H)
Environment RequestsIndependent、clean、low-dust、low-light、well-ventilated work room;Ambient temp: 18 ℃-30℃ (64°F-86°F)Relative Humidity : 30%-70%(non-condensing)

Egg Carton Mold

Mold is vital for paper molded production line , by changing different molds, our customers will manufacturer the products they need. Paper pulp molding products are widely used in the packing of food industry,too. For egg cartons, the customer can choose the right molds from our existing types or customzie the mold you need based on the requirements like local packing habits or packing range.

egg carton moulds
12 PCS egg carton mold ( all aluminum) & 6+6 egg carton mold (all aluminum)
4+4+4 Egg carton Mold
4+4+4 egg carton mold
66 Egg carton mold
6+6 & 12 pcs egg carton mold (plastic plate and aluminum core)
66 12 PCS Egg carton Mold
12 pcs egg carton mold (all aluminum)

Why choose us?

  • Factory direct sales, affordable price, select materials carefully.
  • Free customization, the machine and equipment can be customized according to the requirements, and the specification details can be consulted with customers.
  • Attentive service. We serve every customer with our heart.

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