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Introduction of industrial tray packaging machine

The industrial tray packaging machine is suitable for electrical liners, fragile goods spacers, packaging of food and medicine, medical apparatus, and so on. We have two kinds of machines to produce these products, one is a rotary machine, another is a reciprocating machine. The industrial tray packaging machine’s actual price is subject to the quotation of the sales manager.

Characteristics of industrial tray packaging machine

  • The raw material is also from waste paper, which can be widely used locally.
  • Belongs to the environmental protection industry, with broad market prospects.
  • A variety of different molds, fully meet any production needs of users.
  • Less investment, quick return. Simple operation, less labor.
  • Automatic drying line can choose civil drying and metal steel structure drying.
  • The depth of mold can not exceed 7 cm if you choose the rotary machine.
industrial tray packaging machine products

Paper tray hot press machine

The paper tray hot press machine plays a key role in the production of pulp trays. The details are as follows:

  • The working pressure of the air storage device of the paper tray hot press machine is relatively stable, which avoids the sudden drop of the paper tray mold caused by the burst tube and hurts the staff.
  • The structure of the paper tray hot press machine is relatively stable and adopts a gantry type structure, which is suitable for double-sided production settings with relatively high requirements for paper-plastic products.
  • The paper tray hot press machine adopts the air pressure boosting method, the working pressure can be adjusted, the work is stable, and the mold will not be impacted, which not only improves the service life of the mold, but also greatly improves the work efficiency.
  • The paper tray hot press machine can choose pneumatic demoulding or automatic demoulding, which can improve the work efficiency of plastic products and improve the overall quality of the products.
  • The gas-liquid supercharging system is adopted, and the energy consumption is very low, which is 1/4-1/8 of the ordinary cylinder with fast speed and high work efficiency.
  • Our paper tray hot press machine can be customized according to the size of the customer’s product.
hot press process

Features of production line

  • Highly automation, from forming, drying, hot pressing automatic done by one machine
  • control parts using international famous brand, machine run in stable performance and low failure rate
  • Lower skill required in operating

Precautions for hot press shaping process

After drying, pulp molding products may not meet the requirements for size, thickness, and uniformity. To improve their density, strength, and toughness, hot press shaping equipment is necessary. This process ensures that the products retain their shape and size over time, with uniform thickness and a smooth, flat surface.

Hot press shaping is performed on a specialized machine, with a temperature of at least 200°C and a pressure of 2-5 MPa, depending on the product type and strength requirements. The shaping mold is removable, with a polished, smooth surface.

During actual production, the following points should be noted:

  • Use high-quality aluminum material for the shaping mold to ensure a smooth surface and avoid sand holes that could affect product quality.
  • Allow 20-30 minutes for the machine to heat up before use. If shifts are not continuous, an employee should turn on the machine half an hour in advance to prevent delays.
  • To accommodate different products, adjust the stroke of the machine or increase the working table. This will save compressed air and electricity, particularly when producing shallow products.
  • For large pressure needs, use a gas-liquid after cylinder to save compressed air.
  • Avoid backlogging dried pulp molding products for too long as this may cause high waste product rates due to low moisture content and excessive shrinkage. Control product drying before shaping.
hot press molded pulp packaging production line

Video of AGICO’s hot press machine

Pulp molding industrial packaging machine

Pulp molding industrial packaging machine

Pulp molding industrial package production line is composed of pulping system, forming system, drying system, vacuum system, high pressure water system and air pressure system, it can produce electronic products packaging, small household appliances packaging, industrial components shock-proof internal packaging, paper support, paper lining products.Using waste newspaper, waste carton paper, office paper, scraps and other waste paper as raw materials, through hydraulic decomposition, filtration, add water and other processes to blend into a certain concentration of pulp, through the forming system on the special mold through vacuum adsorption into wet billet, after drying by hot press shaping machine for shaping.


The raw material is waste paper such as waste newspaper, waste carton paper, office paper, scraps, etc., can also use biomass fiber pulp like bagasse pulp, bamboo pulp, wood pulp, etc.


1)PLC and touch screen control mode,simple and flexible operation and maintenance;
2) Lower cost of matching with molds,different sizes of plates would be customized on demand, the maximum height of the product can reach 200mm;
3) Optional with semi auto type and fully auto type, professional diversification of supporting, can form a variety of output.

Flow Chart

Pulp Industrial packaging production line is composed of pulping system,forming system,drying system, auxiliary system.

1 Pulping system

Raw material will be made into pulp with certain concentration through pulping syatem, including:pulper,pulp pool,water pool,pulp pump,waste pump,agitator, and control cabinet.
Hydraulic pulper is the main equipment. The hydraulic pulper is a new rotor designed according to the principle of hydraulic vortex, and the structure of the pulper is optimized to reduce the power consumption of the equipment.
The optimization of the structure of the tank and the baffle enables the pulper to fully mix the slurry, and the low input power can generate strong eddy current, which enhances the friction between the fibers and ensures the constant dredging effect.
The machine has efficient dredding, the bottom fragment content is high fragmentation concentration, the maximum decomposition concentration can reach 10%.

2 Forming system

The reciprocating forming machine has the advantages of simple structure and small number of supporting molds. It can produce different pulp molding products at any time by replacing the molds. Because of the larger area of the molds, it is suitable for the production of larger products compared with other types of molding machines.
The molding machine is generally semi-automatic, manual operation, flexible operation.
It is especially suitable for the production of special industrial packaging products. It is suitable for the production of industrial buffer wrapping paper mold products with long filtration time, thicker wall and more complex shape.

MachineOne station machineDouble station machine
Mould template size600*800mm(can be customized)600*800mm(can be customized)
Capacityadjustable based on different productadjustable based on different product
Height of end product≤200mm≤200mm
Control methodPLC Touch screenPLC Touch screen
Equipment size1.2m*2.2m*2.3m2.8m*2.2m*2.3m
Labor needed12

Remark:The electric components are Schneider, or the designated brand can be used according to customer requirements.Pneumatic components with Airtek.

3 Drying system

Drying system will evaporate excess water from products. Finally, the paper products are formed into finished products.

4 Auxiliary system

Hot press shaping machine using high temperature, high pressure will dry paper products to shape the equipment, so that the paper products have good shock-proof performance, neat appearance.

Work table size/mm400*600
Working pressure(T)20
Working operation(mm)400-500
Cylinder diameter(mm)Ø160

5  Analysis of cost and Profit

ZMGB-2 industrial packaging production line with natural drying
  Unit price(based on UK Market data)Input cost /day
Waste paper800kg/day(10 hours per working day)$0.164/kg$131.2
Labor2 people/day$93/person/day$186
Depreciation(8 years)1$44.7/day$44.7
   Output cost/day
Egg carton3000pcs/h$0.64/pcs$19,200
  Daily profit$1,118.5
  Monthly profit(26 days)$29,081
  Annual profit(12 months)$348,972

Notes: Different customers need to do the analysis based on your local market. If you want to know more detail, please contact us and we will make a plan according to your requirements.

Final products

molded pulp package machine final product 1
molded pulp package machine final product 2
molded pulp package machine final product 3
molded pulp package machine final product 4
molded pulp package machine final product 5
molded pulp package machine final product 6
molded pulp package machine final product 7
molded pulp package machine final product 9
molded pulp package machine final product 10
molded pulp package machine final product 8
molded pulp package final product

Different types of molds for molded pulp package machine

Fan trays

fan trays
fan trays molds

Video of our industrial tray making machine

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