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Paper Pulp Molding Molds

As we all know, the quality of pulp molded products depends mainly on pulp moulds’ processing accuracy. Therefore, exquisite mold processing technology is a reliable guarantee for the quality of molded pulp products.

The paper pulp molding industry is an emerging industry. There is no fixed pattern in the mold tray design, and it is entirely dependent on the rich experience. We have a professional team for mold design and processing with rich experience. Using the most advanced CAD-CAM computer design, CNC automatic CNC machine tool processing, surface polishing treatment, we ensure the precision of die processing.

What’s more, we can make all kinds of complicated and difficult mold manufacturing. With our exquisite mold design and professional processing technology, we are trusted by customers from all over the world.

Mold samples and drawing

egg tray machine molds
Egg tray machine mold
egg tray mold
Egg tray and egg tray molds
egg tray mold net
Egg tray mold
mold net
Stainless steel mold net
Egg tray mold drawing
Egg tray mold drawing
Egg tray molds and egg trays
Egg tray molds and egg trays
fruit tray mold
Fruit egg tray mold
2 cup frisby and 4 cup frisby molds
2 cup frisby and 4 cup frisby molds
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