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Paper Pulp Molding Molds

As we all know, the quality of pulp molded products depends mainly on pulp moulds’ processing accuracy. Therefore, exquisite mold processing technology is a reliable guarantee for the quality of molded pulp products.

The paper pulp molding industry is an emerging industry. There is no fixed pattern in the mold tray design, and it is entirely dependent on the rich experience. We have a professional team for mold design and processing with rich experience. Using the most advanced CAD-CAM computer design, CNC automatic CNC machine tool processing, surface polishing treatment, we ensure the precision of die processing.

What’s more, we can make all kinds of complicated and difficult mold manufacturing. With our exquisite mold design and professional processing technology, we are trusted by customers from all over the world.

egg tray molds
egg tray molds

In egg tray molding equipment, the mold is a crucial component that plays a key role in shaping the egg tray’s shape and structure. Here is the function and working principle of the mold in egg tray molding equipment:

Function: Shape Formation: The mold provides the required shape and size for the egg tray, making it suitable for packaging eggs or other fragile items. The shape of the mold typically includes egg pockets and edge designs to ensure the egg tray can securely hold eggs.

Stability: The mold ensures the egg tray maintains stability during the production process, ensuring its shape and structure are consistent and meet product quality standards. The mold ensures the shape of the egg tray remains undistorted, and the dimensions of each part remain consistent.

Production Efficiency: Using the mold improves the production efficiency of egg trays, as it can quickly shape multiple egg trays. This helps to speed up the production process and meet market demand.

egg tray molds
egg tray mold

Working Principle

Preparing the Mold: First, molds suitable for the desired shape and size of egg trays need to be prepared. Molds are typically made of metal or plastic and have designs and textures required for egg trays.

Injecting Raw Materials: During the molding process, raw materials required for making egg trays, such as pulp or plastic granules, are injected into the mold. The raw materials fill each egg pocket and edge of the mold, ensuring the formation of a complete egg tray structure.

Pressing and Molding: Once the raw materials fill the mold, the mold is pressed or vibrated to ensure the raw materials fill the mold completely and form the required shape and structure.

Curing or Drying: After molding is completed, a curing or drying process is typically required to stabilize and strengthen the egg tray structure.

Removing the Egg Tray: After curing or drying, the mold is opened, and the molded egg tray shaped.

Overall, the mold plays a crucial role in egg tray molding equipment by shaping the egg tray’s shape and structure, ensuring product quality, and production efficiency.

Mold samples and drawing

egg tray machine molds
Egg tray machine mold
egg tray mold
Egg tray and egg tray molds
egg tray mold net
Egg tray mold
mold net
Stainless steel mold net

With advanced CAD computerized design system and CNC mold processing equipment, all the molds are of high precision and accuracy , clients will get the ideal paper tray products with smoother shape using these molds.
Tailor-made molds will also be available based on clients’ design or specific parameters .
Stainless mesh and Pre-forming technology will be used in making molds, which makes the molds better-looking and long service life.

Plastic , Aluminum , Copper Mold

Product NameEgg tray Mold
ApplicationEgg Tray Forming Machine
Warranty12 months
Specification30 Cells
PortQingdao /Tianjin Port, China
Payment termsT/T, L/C or others
    Plastic Mold mold for egg trays machine     Low cost ,3-5 years
    Aluminum Mold steel mold for egg trays machine  Cost Effective, High Precision, better-looking, long service life: 8-10 years, can be customized 
    Copper Moldsteel mould for egg trays machine  Higher cost, High accuracy, service life: 12-15 years,Good wear resistance, good  anti-rust and corrosion resistance 
Egg tray mold drawing
Egg tray mold drawing
Egg tray molds and egg trays
Egg tray molds and egg trays
fruit tray mold
Fruit egg tray mold
2 cup frisby and 4 cup frisby molds
2 cup frisby and 4 cup frisby molds

FAQ about paper pulp molding molds

Q: What is your production lead time?
Generally, depending on your custom requirements and specific process, a complete set of molds takes about 15-60 days
Q: What kind of molds do you produce?
We produce all kinds of batter making molds, such as egg tray molds, egg carton molds, fruit tray molds, coffee tray molds, wine tray molds, industrial molds, etc.
Q: How should I choose the model?
1. You can tell us your requirements for choosing our existing models or new design molds. Just 30 holes egg tray pulp moulds, we have more than 100 types.
2. Or you can send us the pulp products (e.g. egg tray/egg carton) and we can design the mold.
About samples
Before you order the molds, if you need samples, the samples are free of charge; except that after the molds are finished, we also make some samples for your confirmation. You only pay the shipping cost.
Q: How to install the molds?
We have professional technicians to guide to help you install.
Q: How much is your payment?
After confirming PI, you need to pay 30% T/T deposit to start production, 70% balance before shipping.

molds steel

Guidance of mold replacement

1. Different models have different sizes and structures, but the principle is the same.
2. This guidance takes the forming mold with a capacity of 1000-1500p/h as an example to guide the
replacement sequence, please arrange for professional engineers to replace it according to the drawings.
3. Before replacing the mold, please ensure that the forming mold electric control cabinet is powered off and
the air compressor is powered on.
4. Materials such as rubber gaskets and installation tools shall be prepared by yourself.
5. For easy understanding, we make different parts in different colors, the real color subject to the equipment

mold install
mold installation
egg tray mold install
egg tray mold installation

How to measure tray molds

Types and Applications of AGICO Pulp Molding Molds

The field of pulp molding has seen a wide range of applications, particularly with the growing global emphasis on eco-friendly packaging and products. The types of molds and their applications are as follows:

1 Packaging Molds: These include molds for egg trays, fruit trays, bottle trays, industrial product packaging, and electronic product packaging, among others.

2 Application Molds: These encompass a variety of products such as shoe insoles, paper plates, paper lunch boxes, coffee cup carriers, seedling trays, specialty paper tubes, paper urinals, toilet seat covers, paper masks (props), and loudspeakers, to name a few.

Manufacturing of Pulp Molding Molds

1 Materials used for mold manufacturing typically fall into two categories: plastic molds and metal molds.

2 The manufacturing process for molds varies greatly based on factors such as shape requirements, precision requirements, environmental conditions, and the quantity of molds needed. Common manufacturing techniques include CNC machining, precision casting, compression molding, precision welding, injection molding, drilling and cutting, and precision hand polishing, among others.

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