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1000pcs egg tray machine

The process flow of drying machine for pulp molding machine
The first step is pulping. Put the raw materials, waste paper scraps, etc. into the pulp machine, add water and other raw materials to break them into pulp. This process is equivalent to recycling those waste paper scraps. It is the first step for them to regenerate egg custard.
The second step is shaping. The polished slurry is transported to the molding machine through pipeline. Egg tray making machine is called egg tray machine for short. Different types of egg trays can be made by different molds on the host computer, and apple trays, wine trays, seedling trays and other industrial packages can be produced by changing the molds. After successful shaping, the basic shape of the egg tray comes out, but at this time they are still wet. The next step is required.
The third step is drying. The drying path is very long, and the all-round three-dimensional hot air ensures that the egg tray can be dried in a short time. The newly formed wet egg holders are sent to the long drying tunnel, moving slowly on the conveyor belt, feeling the hot wind from all directions. These hot winds help them to remove water from their bodies, and waste paper is officially regenerated into egg holders!

Egg tray making machine with 2500pcs/h
4×4 egg tray machine

The fourth step is packaging. This link is to arrange, pack and extrude pieces of newly born egg trays. It is convenient for transportation and handling. Dozens of egg trays were sent to various chicken farms, shopping malls and supermarkets to realize their rebirth value.
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