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3000pcs egg tray machine

3000pcs egg tray machine is a general term for the manufacture of pulp egg tray machines for long-distance transportation of eggs. It is mainly composed of molding machine, hydraulic pulper, vacuum dehydrator, air compressor and drying box. Today we will mainly take a look at the advantages of using the 3000pcs egg tray machine. The polished pulp is transported to the egg tray machine through pipelines, and different styles of egg trays can be produced through different molds on the main machine, and industrial packaging such as apple trays, wine trays, and seedling trays can be produced by changing the molds. After the shaping is successful, the basic shape of the egg tray comes out, but at this time they are still wet. The next step is required.

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Maintenance of egg crate making machine

The molding quality of the 3000pcs egg tray machine is usually divided into good, poor, or very poor. The standard of classification is the degree of homogeneity of the egg tray or the uniformity of fiber distribution. The storage of pulp in the beating system of 3000pcs egg tray machine, the flow delivery and the forming structure and performance of egg tray machine affect the distribution of fibers in paper molded products to a certain extent. The sign of good or bad molding is the uniformity of fiber distribution, which is a common molding quality item. It requires that in a certain area randomly selected on the egg tray, the fiber concentration is the same microscopically. The closer the fiber distribution is to this ideal state, the more homogeneous it is.

The production raw material of egg tray products is waste paper pulp or commercial cardboard. The requirements for pulp in the production process of 3000pcs egg tray machine are: it can be deposited on the mesh mold quickly and evenly without obstacles, and the overall shrinkage rate of egg tray products when drying Low, the egg tray product does not produce any noticeable warping in all directions. In order to achieve the function of use, it is necessary to add functional preparations.

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