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4000pcs egg tray machine

The pulping process of the 4000pcs egg tray machine is very important to the performance of the product. The pulping process is derived from the pulping process of the paper mill, but it is different from the modified process. The requirements for pulp molded products on fibers, the addition of additives and Papermaking is not all the same. If the fiber products cannot meet the requirements of pulp molded products, the strength and cushioning properties of pulp molded products will be affected. The hydraulic pulper is used to disintegrate the waste newspapers, the corner waste of corrugated cardboard packaging, etc., and the long-striped impurities such as the bundled materials are wrapped around the noose machine, unloaded, and removed. The heavy object catcher at the bottom of the hydropulper implements regular discharge to remove heavy dirt. The coarse pulp after disintegration is stored in the stock tank, and sent to the Gaoning slag remover through the pulp pump, and the good pulp is sent to the reciprocating fiber separator for further screening, separation and flaking. For example, in the production of pulp molded industrial packaging products that do not require high beating degree of pulp, the process of beating or refining can be omitted.

4000pcs egg tray machine In the production process of the whole production line, the preparation of slurry and the deployment technology of slurry directly affect our finished products. The real learning of slurry preparation technology requires at least technical personnel to actually operate on our production line It takes more than five years to truly master the slurry preparation technology proficiently.

paper egg tray making machine live shot
paper egg tray making machine loading

The 4000pcs egg tray machine production line requires machine, electrical integration, high degree of automation in the production process, safe and reliable operation, and basically unmanned operation in the whole process. Due to the complicated process of the egg tray machine production line, the operating environment on site is relatively humid, which is harmful to the equipment. Certain corrosion, large number of input and output I/O points, low field failure rate and high reliability are required. According to the process flow and control requirements (the action sequence cycle is the main one), the programmable controller can be used instead of the single chip microcomputer as the core component of the control system.

AGICO’s control technology for the 4000pcs egg tray machine production line is mature, and the entire egg tray machine production line operates stably with high safety. At present, Jinfei Machinery will mainly promote the 12-sided automatic egg tray machine. This machine is a 12-sided egg tray machine. The control technology of the egg tray machine production line is more stable and mature. At present, this equipment has been exported in large quantities. The egg tray machine equipped with metal multi-layer metal drying line is the best choice for customers!

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