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The egg tray produced by egg carton making machine has no special requirements for hot pressing

After the various pulp molded products and egg trays produced by egg carton making machine are dried by the drying system of the egg tray production line, the size and thickness of the egg trays, as well as the uniformity of the egg trays, cannot reach the finer and more uniform level. Therefore, it is necessary to use hot-pressing shaping equipment to carry out hot-pressing shaping of our products, so that our pulp molded products are more compact, improve the strength and toughness of the products, and at the same time make the shape of the egg tray and the obtained size long-term. Keep it unchanged, so that the thickness of the product is uniform and the outer surface is smooth and flat.
Hot-pressing shaping is generally carried out on top-grade hot-pressing shaping machines, and the shaping temperature should reach 200 degrees. The size of the thermal pressure depends on the type of product and the strength requirements of the product, generally 2-5MPa. The hot-pressed mold can be disassembled, the surface is very smooth, and it is generally polished.

The egg tray produced by egg carton making machine has no special requirements for hot pressing. At present, the technology of AGICO egg carton making machine is very mature, and the precision of the mold is also very high. The produced products can fully meet the needs of domestic customers without hot pressing. For customers who have higher requirements for product quality, the quality of the product will be better after hot pressing.

Egg tray making machine with 2500pcs/h
2200-2500pcs egg tray machine

Influence of egg tray mold temperature on egg carton making machine

To control the temperature of the egg tray mold, if the heat-conducting oil is used to heat the mold, the temperature is not easy to control, and the entire operation of the egg tray machine forming system will be affected. Control the temperature of the mold. When the mold temperature of egg carton making machine is high, if the hot pressing time is too long, the heat energy will be wasted and the product may be scorched. If the mold temperature is too low, and the heating time is too short, it is easy to cause mucosal failure, which will affect the normal operation of the egg tray production equipment. . Connect the mold temperature with the heating and setting time, and the mold temperature feedback controls the hot-pressing time. When the mold temperature is high, the hot-pressing time is automatically shortened, and the mold temperature is low. The relationship curve can be input into the control system by the personnel through the man-machine interface according to the operation experience, and the control system will automatically control according to the data.

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