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Egg Crate Making Machine

The main application areas of egg crate making machine:
Egg crate making machines, such as pulp moulds (egg tray equipment), are widely used in the world. Since different customers have different market demands for egg tray equipment such as pulp forming (egg tray), the production line specifications of egg tray equipment such as pulp forming (egg tray) are also different.
Egg trays are generally used to hold eggs, duck eggs and other packaging tools, and their main function is to shock absorption, egg tray equipment, easy to transport and carry. According to different materials, it can be divided into pulp egg tray, plastic egg tray, egg tray, etc. According to the number of eggs, it can be divided into single egg tray and egg tray. The paper tray product has a geometric shape, which is consistent with the appearance of the packaging, good elasticity, good ventilation, moderate strength, unique buffering capacity, and has the characteristics of environmental protection, impact resistance, shock resistance, impact resistance, and impact resistance.

5000-6000pcs egg tray machine
5×8-5000 egg tray production line

Egg crate making machine is the equipment used to produce egg crate equipment. In daily life, we often buy some eggs, quail eggs and duck eggs. The process of using the egg tray can effectively avoid the collision between eggs during transportation and provide space for each egg.
The use of egg crate making machine recycles waste and reduces pollution. We all know that most egg trays are made from waste paper waste, and egg tray equipment integrates these fertilizers to form egg trays, reducing It saves the waste of resources and protects the environment, which is in line with the life concept of contemporary people.
To sum up, the application range of egg crate making machine is very wide. The above is only a small part of the application field of egg crate making machine. I believe that its new applications will continue to expand in all walks of life in the future. The egg tray equipment developed and manufactured by our company has great performance advantages in terms of functional characteristics and thermoforming technology. It is foreseeable that this new type of egg tray equipment will be more and more plastic packaging products in the future. is being processed!

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