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Egg Manufacturing Machine Price

According to different industries, the performance and usage requirements of egg manufacturing machine price are also different, so different types of enterprises need not only consider the price issue when choosing egg tray machines, but also need to consider the difference in the model and type of egg tray equipment. With the continuous improvement of industry standards and the continuous improvement of blister hot pressing technology, the currently developed new egg tray equipment has been continuously applied in multiple production and processing links of plastic packaging on a large scale, and has become an indispensable packaging in the plastic packaging product industry. Forming machine equipment!

4000pcs Automatic Egg Tray Production Line to Iraq
4000pcs Egg Tray Making Plant

The classification of egg manufacturing machine price and the classification of egg tray machines in the main application areas:
①The rotating drum is an egg tray forming machine, also called a rotary polygon forming machine. A common drum molding machine consists of a transmission and adjustment device, a drum, a stripper, a cleaner and a controller. The usual drum forming machines currently have four-sided drums, eight-sided drums and twelve-sided drums.
②Up and down mobile egg tray forming machine.
The up-and-down moving molding machine moves the mold up and down and sinks it into the water tank for suction filtration. The production capacity of the production line is 3-4 times per minute throughout the day.
③Swing is egg tray forming machine
The swing type molding machine is that the lower template of the lower rotating body is sucked, filtered and dehydrated in the slurry tank, and the upper and lower rotating bodies are reciprocating swinging in place to close the upper and lower molds. Flexible, but the pressure of the molding machine is small, suitable for the production of loose-textured products such as batch egg trays, fruit trays and lined packaging products.
④Flip type egg manufacturing machine price
The flip-type forming machine is a form in which the forming mold is placed in the slurry tank for suction and filtration, and then flipped to the top and then taken out to form the wet paper mold blank. The production speed is 3 times per minute. This type of model is small in size, similar to the up and down moving molding machine, and its production volume is smaller than that of the rotary type, using small batch production, long suction filtration time, thick-walled and complex-shaped industrial buffer wrapping paper moldings.

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