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Egg tray drying machine

Egg tray generally refers to the packaging tool used to hold eggs, duck eggs and other eggs. Its main function is to shock absorption and facilitate transportation and carrying. It can be divided into pulp egg tray and plastic egg tray according to different materials. It can be divided into single egg tray and plate egg tray according to the number of eggs. Among them, most of the pulp egg holders are made of recycled paper pulp by molding machines and tools. Because of their simple manufacturing process, low cost, and no environmental pollution, they are called “green” packaging. They are the most common egg holders in our daily life. At present, most of the pulp egg holders used in the market are tray egg holders.
In the actual processing of pulp egg tray, the drying process of the pulp egg tray pressed by the molding machine is very important, which directly affects the processing quality of the pulp egg tray. Now, in order to increase the output of egg tray and reduce the production cost, AGICO has customized this egg tray drying machine for egg tray drying. The fully closed drying room, 360 ° uniform drying materials, 24-hour intelligent operation, and no need for manual supervision greatly improve the output and product quality. It is the drying equipment choice of many enterprises.

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Composition of Egg tray drying machine

  1. Mainframe (heating system): It absorbs free heat in the air with little electric energy input and is used to dry materials.
  2. Drying room: used to place materials and keep warm to avoid heat loss.
  3. Circulating air system: bring the heat to each corner of the drying room to raise the temperature of the drying room, and take away the water evaporated from the materials.
  4. Humidity discharge system (drying system): discharge the high humidity water in the drying room to achieve the purpose of drying.
  5. Waste heat recovery system: KN Keneng drying system has a total of three waste heat recoveries, which greatly reduces heat loss and has high efficiency.
  6. Drainage system: condensate is discharged to the outside to avoid increasing indoor air humidity.
  7. Programmable intelligent control system: automatically adjust the temperature and humidity, drying time and intelligent operation according to the drying process curve of the product.
  8. Early warning system: early warning can be set according to the user’s requirements, time, temperature, humidity and other parameters to remind the user easily.
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