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Egg Tray Drying Machine

Egg tray drying machine safety rules:

  1. Operation of the product
    (1) Drain the condensed water in the steam line, and then close the stop valve.
    (2) Open the steam supply valve to heat the drying chamber; adjust the steam working pressure according to the characteristics of each material, when the set temperature is reached, start feeding the dryer.
    (3) Turn on the power switch of the electric control box, set the switch of the speed regulating motor controller to the “on” position, and then turn clockwise.
    Turn the speed control knob, depending on the pointer to the desired position.
    (4) Before the material enters the * ring mesh belt, start the blower and induced draft fan of each heating chamber.
    (5) When the first batch of materials runs to the end of the third ring mesh belt, check the moisture content of the materials, and then adjust the transportation of the equipment.
    After the running speed is satisfied, the whole egg tray drying machine starts to work normally.
    (6) When the first batch of materials leaves the third ring mesh belt, the steam supply shut-off valve can be closed, and the fans can be closed later.
    Turn off the main drive, then zero the speed motor or VVV. *Turn off the power of the entire device.
    (7)Clean the machine and the surrounding environment. If there is any slag in the closed ring, remove it from the cleaning door.
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Single-layer metal drying line
  • Product safety rules
    (1) The machine must be stopped when overhauling and maintaining the machine.
    (2) Before starting the egg tray drying machine, you should look around the machine to confirm that there are no unsafe factors before starting the machine.
    (3) The insulation resistance of ungrounded electrical equipment should not be less than 2MΩ. (4) The resistance between the grounding terminal and the metal parts required to be grounded should not be greater than 0.1Ω.
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