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Egg Tray Moulding Machine

In recent years, due to the worldwide ban on the production and import of polluting packaging products, the foam packaging industry has been shrinking, and the price of oil has risen sharply, resulting in a substantial increase in EPS foam manufacturing costs and a sharp drop in profits. Even at a loss, it further accelerated the fading of EPS foam plastics from the market. On the contrary, pulp molding products and egg tray moulding machines are in great demand, and pulp molding packaging has a bright future.

Egg tray moulding machines can be divided into the following types. Different types have different characteristics and advantages. Each machine has its own composition and corresponding industry.

  1. Drum type egg tray moulding machine, alias rotary type polygon egg tray machine.

Our daily common drum type egg tray machine is composed of transmission belt and adjustment configuration, drum, demoulding device, clearing device and general controller.
The usual drum-type egg tray machines are currently more advanced with eight-sided and twelve-sided drums, and four-sided drums with lower configuration requirements.

  1. Up and down type egg tray moulding machine

The up-and-down type egg tray machine moves the rubbing mold up and down and sinks it into the water storage tank to achieve the effect of filtering. The production capacity of the entire production line is about 3-4 times per minute.

4000pcs egg tray machine
  1. Swing type egg tray moulding machine

The swing type egg tray machine is to immerse the template of the lower rotating body in the water tank for dehydration and filtration, and at the same time, the upper and lower rotating body swings back and forth to make the upper and lower running-in.

  1. Flip type egg tray moulding machine

The flip type egg tray machine is to immerse the formed mold in the slurry tank for filtering and dehydration, then flip it to the top and take out the formed mold base. The production speed is about 3 times per minute.

  1. Vacuum type egg tray moulding machine

The vacuum filter type egg tray machine is very characteristic, the equipment occupies a small volume, the installation method is flexible, and it can be reassembled, but the pressure carried by the egg tray machine is small, and it is suitable for mass production of egg trays, paper trays, bottle trays, etc. The product.

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