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Molded Pulp Equipment

The working principle and advantages of molded pulp equipment

Beating. Put the raw material waste paper and waste paper scraps into the beater, inject water and wait for the machine to complete the raw material beating. This process is equivalent to recycling waste paper. This is the first step in making egg trays.

Styling. After the pulping is completed, it is followed by polishing, and finally the polished pulp is transported to the mast of the forming machine through the pulping pipeline. Egg tray molded pulp equipment is a professional description of it in the industry, generally called egg tray machine. By switching different molds with the main machine, different styles of paper and film products can be produced. Of course, egg trays are also included, and there are similar industrial packaging products such as apple trays, wine bottle trays, and seedling trays. Once this step is done, we have the basic shape of the egg carton or egg tray, but it’s still wet, and that’s when we need to move on to the next step.

9000 pulp tray machine
10000 egg tray production line

Dry. When the basic shape of the egg tray or other handicrafts is formed, the surface is actually still wet, and we need professional drying. The egg tray machine is connected to the drying kiln. The drying kiln is long and sturdy. After continuous heating, the hot air inside keeps accumulating. When the newly formed egg tray is sent to the conveyor belt on the drying kiln, it moves slowly and comes from all directions. The drying heat will remove the moisture from the egg tray, and the time consumed in this process is directly related to the configuration of the drying kiln. AGICO has been focusing on the development and production of egg tray machine equipment and drying kiln equipment for many years. Our customers are all over the world, and excellence is our synonym! AGICO’s drying kilns have various models: multi-layer steel drying equipment, single-layer steel drying equipment, traditional earth drying kilns, etc.

Packaging. After the egg tray is completely dry, we need to go to the last step, packing! We take the egg trays out of the drying kiln, compress and pack the egg trays in batches, which are easy for express delivery and midway transportation and handling. A variety of egg trays have been sent to major supermarkets and chicken farms, realizing the utilization of waste paper and realizing the purpose of environmental protection.

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