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Paper Molded Packaging

Question 1. What are molded pulp packaging?

Molded pulp packaging is made of plant fiber pulp (wood, bamboo, reed, scorpion, grass, etc.) or recycled pulp from waste paper products, plus professional technology and additives, in a special molding mold (also called water mold, A type of three-dimensional pulp product that is formed by vacuum adsorption.

Question 2. What are the application ranges of molded pulp packaging?

Food (medicine) hardware tools, electronic products, ceramics, glass, communication equipment, computer accessories, food, medicine, cosmetics, agricultural products, instruments and meters, various small household appliances, mobile phones and accessories, etc. Packaging materials, agricultural product packaging, such as eggs, fruits, vegetables, meat, etc., tableware, lunch boxes, spoons, knives and forks, etc., cultural and creative products, furniture and household items, gifts, holiday items, etc.

Question 3. What are the product characteristics of molded pulp packaging?

The sources of raw materials are extensive and not subject to restrictions, which meet the national environmental protection requirements and the needs of industrial development. Especially the best choice to replace EPS foam materials and PVC blister packaging materials; molded pulp packaging can be recycled and degraded, after adding special technology, they have good waterproof and oil-proof performance, and can completely replace foamed plastic products, can effectively eliminate “white pollution.

Question 4: What is the thickness and weight of molded pulp packaging? Does it have anything to do with strength?

With the existing technological level, the thickness of paper molded packaging is roughly between 1mm—5mm, and the thickness of general products is mostly kept at about 2mm; from the current quality and application of paper molded packaging, its maximum load The load can reach 200 kg, the bearing shape is not too complicated, and the product lined packaging with a weight of less than 50 kg is the best choice; the cushioning effect of the paper mold packaging is mainly to use the elastic deformation of the paper wall when it is impacted, so as to slow down the offset achieved by external force. The elasticity of the paper mold material itself is not high, mainly depends on the design of the support ribs of the product and the buffer cavity formed, the design of the support ribs plays a vital role in the elastic deformation of the paper mold packaging products, that is, the cushioning capacity, The basic basis for the design of the support ribs is the shape and use of the product itself.

Question 5. What are the special properties of paper mold packaging?

  1. Water resistance (moisture resistance) performance
  2. Oil-proof (heat insulation) performance
  3. Anti-static performance
  4. Anti-radiation performance.

What material is used for the mold making of paper molded products? How much does it cost to make? The pulp product mold is made of aluminum alloy material, and the paper mold product is formed by two sets of molds (pulp suction mold and hot pressing mold); the manufacturing cost of each mold is about 12,000 yuan (calculated based on one template).

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