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Egg tray production line is a kind of machine and equipment for producing pulp and egg trays. In the process of producing egg trays, it includes a variety of processes, such as raw material screening, beating, egg tray molding, egg tray drying, counting and packaging and other processes. As an environmentally friendly, safe and green egg tray, the market demand for pulp egg trays is far beyond imagination. Under the current epidemic situation, all industries are waiting, but farmers are operating day and night. Eggs hatch as always, and egg trays have become their first big demand.
Some egg manufacturers, including some egg manufacturers, ship eggs to all parts of the country through online shopping. Eggs are inevitably broken during long-distance transportation. At this time, egg trays have become their preferred protection measures.
What are the characteristics of paper moulding machine?
The first point is that an excellent paper moulding machine must have a stable and sturdy structure, and the internal parts of the egg tray machine must be perfectly matched, and the error should not exceed 0.1 mm. Only such an egg tray machine can ensure the overall machine during long-term operation. The body will not tilt, safe and durable.

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The second point is that the paper moulding machine must have a long battery life, and the equipment must use imported high-precision and high-density indexers to escort the egg tray machine for 24 hours of long-term operation and reduce the occurrence of accidents.
The third point: the structure of the paper moulding machine must be tight and firm, and some shoddy egg tray machines will leave gaps at the joints of key parts, which is a very serious negligence. We all know that the egg tray machine will inevitably come into direct contact with the water source during the production process. At this time, if the seal is not completely sealed, the water flow will flow into the machine along the fuselage, which will burn the line at light level, or cause casualties and fire. Both will lead to the termination of the egg tray production process, which greatly affects the egg tray production.
The fourth point: the surface of the paper moulding machine is sprayed with an anti-corrosion layer to reduce the phenomenon of paint peeling and corrosion on the surface of the egg tray machine due to long-term use. In this way, even if the egg tray machine has been used for a year and a half, the surface of the fuselage is still as bright as new.
The fifth point: This point is not part of the characteristics of the egg tray machine itself, but it is very important. That is to say, after-sales service is guaranteed. Even if the egg tray machine is of the best quality, there will be an accident leading to downtime. At this time, if the customer cannot repair it by himself, he must go to the after-sales service.
A good after-sales service can greatly improve the user experience. If you ask the same question, the efficient after-sales service can be solved within two days, while some inefficient after-sales services may be delayed for dozens of days, which will seriously affect the progress of our egg tray production.

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