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Paper Pulp Egg Tray Machine

Egg trays are made of egg tray machines, pulp molding equipment or egg tray machines used for production. They are simple to operate, easy to maintain, have high production efficiency, and have strong stability, so they have been favored by many egg manufacturers. Do you know the specific steps of using paper pulp egg tray machine?

Today, I will take you to a good understanding and understanding of the egg tray machine operating environment and the most basic safety requirements.

The basic safety requirements for the operation of the paper pulp egg tray machine are as follows, everyone must keep in mind, after all, safety is the first!

  1. First, before the production environment, we need to place the paper pulp egg tray machine in a dry and balanced place. Severe inclination will affect the production efficiency of the egg tray machine, and even cause pulp leakage, skewed mold engraving, etc. And other issues.
  2. After placing the paper pulp egg tray machine in a safe environment, turn on the power first, and then detect the temperature of the upper and lower modules of the device. The temperature rise requires a process, we just need to wait patiently.
  3. Wait until the temperature of the paper pulp egg tray machine rises completely, then pull up the upper mold and grind it into pieces.
  4. Pour the prepared pulp into the mold of the machine for rubbing, then close the upper and lower molds, and wait for the mold rubbing to be completed to form a prototype.
  5. After the prototype of the mold, we pull up the upper and lower molds, and the prototype of the egg tray will be automatically sent to the conveyor belt, and then dried. This is the most basic production process of the egg tray machine.
  6. Repeat the above process repeatedly, and we need to clean the upper and lower molds in time to keep the molds clean and hygienic, and finally pull out the plug and cut off the power.
Brick kiln Drying

Basic safety standards: Implement professional equipment and shift system. The operators of the paper pulp egg tray machine must be familiar with the structure of the egg tray machine, abide by the operating procedures, use the machine in a reasonable and standardized manner, and carefully and regularly maintain the equipment to prevent Accident occurs.

The later maintenance work of the egg tray machine equipment needs to be divided into daily maintenance and regular maintenance according to time; the maintenance methods are also exquisite and classified, such as general maintenance, regional maintenance and equipment maintenance.

The maintenance work generally includes: checking the equipment, adjusting the equipment, lubricating the parts that need to be lubricated, and finally, professional maintenance work such as regular disassembly, cleaning and replacement.

Before the paper pulp egg tray machine is put into the production environment, we need to check its safety performance. This step is very important and is an important measure to ensure the sustainable operation of our egg tray machine.

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