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Paper Pulp Molding Machine

The paper pulp molding machine mainly relies on the principle of vacuum negative pressure to shape the egg tray, which is the core principle of manufacturing the egg tray.
The first step in processing egg trays is to select suitable raw materials for egg trays. The waste paper we see on weekdays, such as waste newspapers, waste express packaging, and waste corrugated paper, can actually be used as raw materials for egg tray production, which is also the production of egg trays. One of the advantages is the low cost of raw materials.
After purchasing the raw materials for egg trays, we must beat these raw materials. We put all the waste paper into the mixer, and then keep stirring at a constant speed. When the raw materials in the mixing tank are stirred into pulp, we can pass Conveying pipes transport the pulp to the pulp trough of the egg tray machine.
The paper pulp molding machine will carry out rubbing and shaping according to the specific mold stained with the slurry. After that, the pulp egg tray is formed, but the surface of the egg tray is still wet at this time. We also need to dry the egg tray to complete the processing and manufacturing. .
The paper pulp molding machine in the egg tray production line is particularly critical. It can be said that it determines the efficiency of the egg tray production. The egg tray drying equipment can be roughly divided into two types, one is the traditional drying type and the other is the most used. drying.

7000pcs egg tray machine case
6000-7000pcs egg tray machine

The traditional drying method has been rare in recent years. There is no other reason. This drying method is too simple and inefficient. It completely depends on natural light for drying. If the weather is good, it can be dried normally. However, if it encounters a cloudy and rainy day, the egg trays will accumulate and cannot be effectively dried, which will actually greatly affect the efficiency of our egg tray production. Therefore, at this stage, only some small workshops use this drying method. There is not much demand for egg tray production, and this drying method is the lowest cost, which is very suitable for them.
After drying, let’s talk about the paper pulp molding machine, which is also the most preferred egg tray drying method in the market.
The paper pulp molding machine is to use the drying kiln and effective fuel to dry the egg trays. There will be one or more conveyor belts at the entrance and exit of the drying kiln to transport the egg trays to the drying kiln. The internal temperature of the drying kiln is very high, at least more than 100 degrees. In this case, the egg trays are often completely dried before being transported out of the drying kiln.
There are many technological processes in the egg tray production line, and each process can be very important. When we produce egg trays and control the egg tray production line, we must be careful and careful, and always observe the operation status of each equipment to prevent The machine is down.

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