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Pulp Molding Equipment for Tray

The development characteristics of foreign pulp molding equipment

Wide range of applications. Such as the automobile industry, electronic products, hardware appliances, consumer goods, medical appliances, household products, office products, etc., pulp molding products have even been used in sales packaging.

Using computer-aided design method. The model of the pulp molded product is designed by three-dimensional computer software, such as pro/Engineer, Solid-works, etc. According to the data file of the design model, the rapid prototyping machine can be used to directly manufacture the forming mold and product prototype. It is also possible to transfer the data files into the manufacturing software Master cam, and directly perform mold processing on the CNC machining center.

coffee pulp tray

Product design is standardized and modularized. In the production of pulp molded products, mold cost is one of the important costs. Foreign manufacturers pay attention to wide application and good versatility in the design and application of pulp molded products. For example, general-purpose corrugated liners, corner guards, partitions, etc., because of the large production batch, high mold utilization rate, and simple design, the mold amortization cost will be greatly reduced.

The pulp molding equipment is advanced and the process is reasonable. Compared with our country, it is characterized by the use of pressure drying technology, direct hot press molding, no need for an oven, and greatly reduced energy consumption; the degree of machine automation is very high, almost completely automated, saving energy and labor.
The pulp molding industry has only a few decades of history in China, but it has developed very rapidly. There are two reasons: first, pulp molding products have significant advantages over alternatives in terms of environmental protection and performance; second, the government’s Strong support and the influence of the world environment. At present, my country’s pulp molding industry is in the forefront of the world in terms of production technology, product performance, mechanical equipment and production scale. The domestic pulp molding equipment manufacturing technology has become increasingly mature, and the equipment performance and production process are comparable to imported equipment. Moreover, domestic equipment has low investment cost, flexible maneuverability, and low production cost, which is especially suitable for the production of industrial packaging products with diversified product specifications.

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