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Pulp Packaging

Question 1. What is the basis for the quotation of pulp packaging? How does it compare to the cost of bubble wrap?

Prices for paper molded products are based on:

  1. The shape, structure, volume and weight of the product; if the product is less than 50g, it will be calculated as 50g.
  2. The raw materials used: the requirements of the manufacturing process;
  3. Product output level. Comparison table of paper mold and foam packaging costs:

Specifications: paper mold = foam Unit price (yuan/g): paper mold = foam

Weight: paper mold >foam 7

E: }package volume: paper mold <foam packaging shipping fee: paper mold <foam

Question 2. What is the mold manufacturing cycle for pulp packaging? What is the production cycle of pulp packaging?

It takes about 7 days from mold design, mold opening to sample production;

Production can be delivered according to the order quantity 7 days after the order is placed. It depends on the size of the customer’s order and the daily production capacity of the product mold.

Question 3. What are the sales advantages of pulp packaging?

  1. Deliver goods according to the quality, quantity and time proposed by the customer;
  2. If the customer finds defective products during production, they can be exchanged;
  3. The customer will give a satisfactory solution to the reasonable request according to the production needs

Pulp molding technology and characteristics

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  1. Characteristics of molded pulp packaging
  2. Environmental protection:

Pulp packaging use waste newspapers and carton paper as the main raw materials, pulp through a certain proportion of additives, dehydrates and shape through a special mold, and then undergoes a series of processes such as drying, heat treatment, and shaping. molded pulp packaging can be recycled and degraded. After adding special technology, they have good waterproof and oil-proof properties. They can completely replace foamed plastic products and can effectively eliminate “white pollution”. The products are environmentally friendly. Pulp packaging is an environmentally friendly product recommended by the world’s environmental protection departments. They attach great importance to environmental protection in their production process. Regarding the impact of the three wastes on environmental protection, in the entire production process, from the main raw materials used to the entire production process Until the end, environmental awareness is very strong. Its raw material is waste paper, and in the process of production and processing, it is mainly a physical reaction. Only a small amount of chemical substances are added as waterproofing agents, and these chemical substances are basically retained in the finished product after the product is dried, and there is no discharge that causes environmental pollution. Pollution; the water used in the production line is used in a closed cycle, and only when the product is dried, the water vapor is volatilized into the space. There is no need to replenish water during the production process, so the water consumption is not large.

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