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Pulp Thermoforming Machine

Features of the development of pulp thermoforming machine
The development characteristics of China’s pulp molded industrial packaging mainly include the following aspects:

The market for pulp molding packaging materials is booming. By 2022, three pulp molding technology development centers in the Pearl River Delta, Yangtze River Delta and Beijing, Tianjin, and Dalian have been formed in China, and the application of paper mold packaging products has spread all over the country. Major brand products. Especially since 2001, related enterprises have increased at an annual rate of 20%. Once the country’s regulations on the complete ban on the use of EPS are issued, the market demand for pulp molded industrial packaging will increase rapidly.

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The development of pulp thermoforming machine is more advanced than raw silk. Packaging high-value items with low-grade raw materials is the economic basis for pulp molding industrial packaging materials to obtain better returns. Pulp molding industrial packaging generally uses carton scraps, old cartons and old newspapers as raw materials. Due to the high value of the packaged objects, the inner packaging cost acceptable to customers is relatively high.

Pulp molded packaging has low entry barriers but high technical requirements.
Pulp mold industrial packaging projects require less capital investment and lower technical content of equipment. In addition, there are many types of pulp molding used as industrial packaging materials, and generally the continuous production time of each style of product is not too long, so it is not easy to compete with each other for the same product.
Furthermore, the geometric shape of industrial packaging pulp molded products is complicated, and the volume of the same style after stacking and packaging is relatively large, and the cost of long-distance transportation is high, and cross-regional competition is not easy to occur. However, it should be noted that each model of the pulp thermoforming machine is a dedicated new product, which must go through procedures such as design, mold making, sample making, testing, and correction before it can be formally mass-produced. The level of management has a lot to do with it, so investors must think carefully. In addition to financial issues, they must also consider issues such as product structure design, mold manufacturing, professional training, process formula, and market development. The overall technical requirements are relatively high.

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