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Small Egg Tray Making Machine

The main function of the small egg tray making machine is to produce egg trays, so what is the use of egg trays? The main function of the egg tray is to protect the eggs from damage during transportation. So what is the design of the egg tray? The manufacturer of small egg tray making machine will introduce it to us below.
Overall structure design of egg tray
Plan 1: Use single-layer cardboard, place eggs through cutting holes and other methods, stack them in a single layer, and pack them for transportation. Advantages:
1) Save data
2) Made of single corrugated cardboard, easy to fold, easy to transport and use. defect:
1) It is not easy to achieve a good fit between the layers, and there will be dislocation, which constitutes an unsafe hazard. 2) More layers are packed and transported, the cardboard needs to be under a lot of pressure, and the cardboard with higher strength is required. 3) The unit is too large to be used for small sales packaging such as normal procurement.

paper egg tray making machine live shot
paper egg tray making machine loading

Plan 2: Use a single corrugated cardboard, two-layer wrapping design, with holes on the top and bottom to complete the double-sided fixed eggs, several advantages of a unit: 1) The contractor can describe a series and satisfy different purchasers.
2) There are corrugated packages on both sides, the cushioning function is very good, and the eggs will be safer. It is also safe when subjected to vibration and kneading in different directions.
3) Made of single corrugated cardboard, easy to fold, easy to transport and use. The structure design of the hole of the egg tray
The cross-sectional shape of the egg is almost circular, so if you want to fix the egg, you must use a circular hole. Other corrugated cardboard itself has a certain buffer function, but for eggs as fragile products, it is still not enough, so it is concluded that there are indentations outside the cutting holes, and radial indentations are used between the indentation and the cutting holes. Connected to form radial paper petals, the cardboard has an excellent buffering effect, and the eggs are safe.
After reading the introduction to the small egg tray making machine above, you should know the design elements of the egg tray.

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