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Drying Machine

Drying machine here also refers to drying equipment, dryer, egg tray drying line or egg tray drying system. Its main function is to evaporate the water in the formed semi-finished egg tray and turn it into the finished egg tray.

Egg tray drying system

Introduction of egg tray dryer or egg tray drying line

There are different drying methods for egg tray: metal drying, civil engineering drying, trolley drying and natural drying. We provide the most suitable one according to the specific situation of customers. The corresponding equipment of each drying method is the dryer we want to launch.

  • Metal Drying: multilayer metal drying line and single layer metal drying line
  • Civil engineering drying: civil engineering drying line
  • Trolley drying: brick room with carts
Multilayer metal drying
Multilayer metal drying line
Single-layer metal drying line
Single layer metal drying line
pulp molding line drying machine
muti layer drying tunnel
drying line case
Civil engineering drying
Civil engineering drying line
Brick room with carts
Brick room with carts

Specifications of egg dry drying line

Type of DryingAvailable FuelLength of Drying Line (m)Output(p/h)
Multilayer metal drying lineNatural gas, diesel, LPG251000-6000
Single-layer metal drying lineNatural gas, diesel, LPG40-451000-2000
Civil engineering drying lineCoal, natural gas, diesel, LPG40-451000-2000

Which egg tray drying method or drying line is suitable for you?

Choose the egg tray drying line, you can consider from the output, automation, labor, weather, fuel, building materials, egg production specifications, cost.

Box-type egg tray dryer

This is a box-type egg tray dryer, suitable for customers with small production volumes of egg trays at less than 2500 pieces per hour. This egg tray dryer is compact, fitting within a single container, making it easy to install without the need for complex local construction. After receiving the equipment, customers can quickly install and put it into operation, making it especially suitable for customers in regions with a rainy season. If customers already have drying equipment and wish to produce egg trays year-round, considering the rainy season, they can alternate between drying and using the box-type egg tray dryer. The equipment can be fueled with coal, diesel, natural gas, and liquefied petroleum gas according to customer requirements. If you have such needs, please contact us promptly, and we will customize it according to your production volume and site requirements.

Metal drying line: multilayer or single-layer metal drying line

Metal drying line is divided into multilayer metal drying line and single-layer metal drying line . At present, multilayer metal drying line is commonly used. The latest steel structure equipment has been exported to all over the world. The features of metal drying equipment are as follows.

  1. Metal drying line is used in full automatic egg tray production line and can be used in large production egg tray machine.
  2. Belt conveyor, high degree of automation, easy to operate, less labor.
  3. More energy saving and beautiful appearance, especially suitable for countries with environmental protection and construction requirements. our company’s steel drying equipment is also 40% more energy-saving than other manufacturers.
  4. Compared with single-layer metal drying line, the height of multilayer metal drying line is higher, but the floor area is smaller. So, area covered is the advantage of multi-layer metal drying line.
  5. Metal drying line is usually offered to customers with long-term investment plans.
Plates for belt conveying egg tray
Metal mesh plate for egg tray converying
Steel structure for metal drying line
Steel structure for metal drying line
full automatic egg tray production line
Multilayer metal drying line
Single-layer metal drying line
Single-layer metal drying line
metal drying machine part
metal drying machine part
metal drying machine part detail

Installation of metal drying line

metal drying install
Metal mesh plate for egg tray converying
metal drying machine install
Steel structure for metal drying line
metal drying install instruction
Metal mesh plate for egg tray converying
metal drying machine install step
Steel structure for metal drying line

Civil engineering drying line

  1. Civil engineering drying line with conveyor belt can be used for full automatic egg tray production line.
  2. Low cost, economical and practical.
  3. It should be noted that coal, charcoal and bamboo charcoal can be used as fuel, but metal drying line is not allowed.
  4. With the help of proper burner, wood, coal, gas and diesel can all be used as low-cost and high-efficiency heat sources to deal with unstable local weather.
  5. The number of motors used in the whole system is the least.
  6. Temperature control is stable.
  7. The conveyor belt of civil engineering drying line is single-layer and covers a large area.
  8. Professional guidance and drawings from our engineer will make sure a smooth and trouble-free building process for our client.
Civil engineering drying
Conveyor belt
Civil engineering drying line
Civil engineering drying line
Civil engineering drying
Civil engineering drying line
project brick klin drying
Successful project
3D Model of Civil Engineering Drying
Model of Civil Engineering Drying Tunnel

Construction of civil engineering drying line

drying line construction
brick drying line construction
drying machine case

Brick drying machine line is a traditional way and one of the most effective modes. The construction cost of brick drying machine is quite low, and the range of use is also very wide, is one of the optimal choices for customers.

The brick drying machine is mainly composed by combustion chamber, hot air flow guide slot, air inlet and air outlet. Among them, the combustion chamber adopts special refractory materials, and the hot gas flow generated by burning coal or firewood and other fuels is introduced into the earth kiln. Then, the conveyor belt passes through the middle of the kiln, and using the hot air circulation system to dry the products in sections.

AGICO will provide detailed drawings and instruction for our customer. 

kiln drying line
civil engineering drying line construction
Pictures from our customer
kiln drying build

Brick room with carts (trolley drying)

  1. If the drying method of egg tray is brick room with carts, we call it semi-automatic egg tray production line.
  2. More workers are needed in the semi-automatic egg tray production line for drying egg trays with carts.
  3. The heat in the brick room can be recovered to reduce consumption.
  4. An advantage is that the cost is low without worrying about the weather.
trolley drying
Trolley drying
Brick room
Brick room

Tunnel type hanging drying line

The drying tunnel is equipped with an air distribution system which fills it with hot air. As a result, the moisture in the product evaporates, and the dried product is transported away using a car or a hanging basket. This method of drying offers several benefits, including high production capacity, low energy consumption, efficient performance, and the ability to control the quality of the final product. Additionally, this method is fuel-flexible and can use a variety of fuels, including coal, wood, natural gas, bio-fuels, steam, and thermal oil.

Natural drying

  1. The egg tray production with natural drying is generally called manual egg tray production line or manual egg tray machine.
  2. Natural drying is suitable for small production egg tray machine, such as 1-sided egg tray machine.
  3. Countries and regions with plenty of sunshine can be chosen, such as Africa.
  4. Choosing natural air drying can save some investment, which is very suitable economically. However, it is not recommended for customers with large production egg tray machine or no place to dry.
Natural drying
Dry naturally under the sun
Natural drying
Natural drying
natural drying egg tray
natural drying case
natural drying case
natural drying case
Our company has a mature sales network and professional after-sales service team, which can choose the best egg tray production plan or drying method for customers. The product quality is guaranteed and the price is moderate, which is a good choice for you to start your business.

Combustion chamber construction and guidance

In the construction of civil and metal drying chambers, some customers will choose wood or coal as raw materials according to local raw materials to provide heat source raw materials for the drying chamber. This combustion chamber uses multiple outputs and multiple drying forms. Under the current epidemic situation, if it is not convenient to go abroad for on-site installation, we will also provide customers with remote online guidance and construction work. At present, we have provided high-quality products to Zambia, Morocco, Mozambique, Iraq, Uganda and other customers. Remote online guidance for installation work, the customer successfully installed and debugged overseas projects one by one with the assistance of our team of engineers. The following are some installation drawings when building a combustion chamber for the customer for reference. We will also provide Customers provide real photos and video data of construction so that customers can quickly understand how to build in real scenes and installation drawings. Choosing AGICO means choosing reliable egg tray equipment and high-quality installation services. Of course, if necessary, we can also provide customers with on-site install service.

Combustion chamber for both civil engineering drying line and metal drying line

Box type drying line

The basic process of egg tray production is pulping, molding, drying, shaping, complete inspection and packaging. Drying is an essential part. Commonly used drying methods include natural drying, civil drying and metal drying. Here is a box-type egg tray drying method.

Compared with natural drying, box-type drying is not affected by seasons or weather, and the heating fuel can use coal, biomass particles, natural gas, diesel, etc. Box-type drying is applicable to small output, and it can dry the egg tray evenly with fast speed and more guaranteed egg tray quality.

If you are interested in this drying method, please get in touch with us for more information.

box dyer egg tray production

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