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Packing Machine

Packaging is the last step of egg tray production, so as to facilitate the storage and transportation of egg tray. The packing machines used in the packing system are stacker and packer.
Packing system
Packing system of egg tray production line
pulp tray packing machine structure

Egg tray stacker and packer

Stacker is used in the packing system of automatic egg tray production line. The equipment can help to arrange the egg tray and save labor. Count, separate and stack the dried egg trays, and pack them automatically.

Egg tray production
Egg tray stacker
Egg tray stacker
Egg tray stacker
stacker project
stacker machine detail

The egg tray packer packs the egg tray manually, compresses the air between the egg trays, and fixes the fixed number.

packing machine
Egg tray packing machine (packer)
Packing machine
Egg tray packing machine (packer)

Hot press machine

Hot pressing for making sure the egg cartons and other technical grade pulp molding products’ shape become more flat.

Hot pressing for making sure the egg cartons and other technical grade pulp molding products
Hot press machine
hot press machine successful case
hot press machine project

Egg carton labeling line

Egg carton labeling line
Egg carton labeling line
  1. Capacity: about 1200-2500pc/hr
  2. Labeling precision: +/-2mm
  3. Lable must be roller; outter diamater: φ≤280mm; Inner diamater: φ76mm
  4. Label request: (L) 10mm-250mm; (W) 20mm-150mm

Egg carton pad printer (designed for every customer’s request)

Egg carton pad printer
Egg carton pad printer
  1. Capacity: about 700-900pcs/hr;
  2. Color: 4-6 colors, different sides
  3. PLC control
  4. Plate size: 150mm*250mm
  5. Power: 2000W
  6. Voltage: 220V
Sample pictures of egg carton pad printer
Sample pictures of egg carton pad printer

Differences between the features of egg carton labeling machine and egg carton printing machine

Egg Carton Labeling Machine

  • Labeling Function: This machine is primarily used to attach labels to the external surface of egg cartons, containing product information, brand, production date, price, etc.
  •  Precision: These machines typically have high-precision labeling capabilities, ensuring that labels are accurately applied to the specified positions on the egg cartons.
  • Automation: Egg carton labeling machines are usually semi-automatic or fully automatic, enhancing production efficiency, reducing labor costs, and minimizing human errors.
  • Applicability: They are suitable for situations where label changes are frequent, as they can quickly adapt to different types of labels, catering to various packaging needs.
  • Flexibility: These machines can often accommodate egg cartons of different sizes and shapes, making them suitable for a variety of packaging requirements.

Egg Carton Printing Machine

  • Printing Function: Egg carton printing machines are mainly used to directly print information on the surface of egg cartons, including product details, brand, production date, etc.
  • Production Speed: These machines can typically print at high speeds, making them suitable for large-scale production.
  • One-time Setup: They usually require one-time machine setup and can then continuously print multiple egg cartons, suitable for mass production scenarios.
  • Printing Methods: Egg carton printing machines can use different printing technologies such as inkjet printing, thermal transfer printing, etc., to meet various printing requirements.
  • Applicability: Primarily used for printing standardized information, such as production dates, they are generally not suitable for printing different types of labels.

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