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Pulping Machine

Pulping is the first step of egg tray production line. The main machinery used in the pulping process is exactly the paper pulping machine, which is also called paper pulper machine. Here we introduce the high consistency hydraulic pulping machine (pulper).

high consistency hydraulic pulper
High consistency hydraulic pulping machine (pulper)
High consistency hydraulic pulper

Pulping principle for egg tray production line

The waste paper is put into the high consistency hydraulic pulper, at the same time, the sewage pump pumps the water in the pool into the high consistency hydraulic pulper. Under the action of the screw rotor, the waste paper will melt rapidly into pulp and flow into the pulp storage tank. The pulp of the storage tank flows into the pulp supply tank through the pipeline, and then a certain amount of water is added from the pool. The pulp is stirred evenly through the homogenizer, and the whole pulping process is completed. The main equipment is pulping machine and auxiliary equipment includes water tank, homogenizer, water pump and pulp pump.

Pulping system of egg tray production line

High consistency hydraulic pulping machine (pulper)

The high consistency hydraulic pulping machine (pulper) uses three paper spiral rotor to break up waste paper under high temperature and high concentration conditions, and basically does not reduce the pulp properties of waste paper. The rotation of the rotor drives the pulp to form a strong circulation eddy current, which causes strong friction between the waste paper, so as to dissociate into fibers and ink particles. Under the action of fibre friction and chemicals, oil stains are peeled off and separated from the surface of fibers, which ensures the smooth progress of flotation deinking, screening and purification, so as to produce pulp with high whiteness.

AGICO high consistency hydraulic pulping mahcine has the advantages of large production capacity, low power consumption and convenient use and maintenance.

pulping machine project
pulping machine successful project

Parameters of pulping machine for egg tray production line

Pulper modelsPulper volumeCorresponding egg tray machine modelsOutput (p/h)
ZDS44m³DT5×8; DT4×84000-5000
ZDS22m³DT4×4; DT3×82500-3000
ZDS11m³DT3×4; DTF4×1; DTF3×11000-2000

Video of AGICO's pulp machine

Wastepaper baling press

Parameters of wastepaper baling press​

Machine model  JD-160  JD-180  JD-200
Package sizeL800-1800mm*W730mm*H850mmL800-1800mm*W730mm*H850mmL800~1800mm”W1100mm*H850mm
Feeding opening sizeL1000mm*W670mm”H1000mmL1600mm*W670mm*H1000mmL1700mm*W1040mm*H1000mm
Compression chamber sizeL1000mm*W730mm*H850mmL1600mm*W730mm*H850mmL1700mm*W1100mm*H850mm
Compression density400~500/1m³400~500KG/m³400-500/1m³
Cooling methodIndependent cooling: motor power 5.5kw/PV2R series oil pumpIndependent cooling: motor power 5.5kw/PV2R series oil pumpIndependent cooling: motor power 5.5kw/PV2R series oil pump
CoolerFull copper pipe spiral water cooling cooler/air cooling cooler/full automatic temperature control
Hydraulic oil capacity540L  540L  650L
Power supplyAC380/50Hz/three-phase five-wire systemAC380/50Hz/three-phase five-wire systemAC380/50Hz/three-phase five-wire system
Main machine sizeL5970*W2100*H1680L5970*W2100*H1680L8000*W3785*H2200
Installation sizeL9500*W2300*H3200L9500*W2300*H3200L13000*W4300*H3000

Applications of wastepaper baling press

The JD series (10-200T vertical and horizontal) hydraulic baler is mainly suitable for packaging soft fibrous materials in industries such as animal husbandry, printing, textiles, and papermaking. Such materials include straw, paper edges, medicinal materials, wood pulp, flax, wool, waste cotton, loose cotton, and various scraps, providing great convenience for the storage and transportation of soft fibrous materials in various industries. The hydraulic system of this series of products adopts advanced multi-way directional valves (or distributors) with overflow and overload prevention functions. The overall structure is compact and reasonable, with safe and reliable operation, and convenient operation and maintenance.

wastepaper baling press near me
wastepaper baling press machine

Structure of wastepaper baling press

The machine is mainly composed of six parts: frame, oil cylinder, gear pump, multi-way directional valve (or distributor), oil tank, and motor:

  • Frame: Adopting a vertical structure, welded from standard profiles.
  • Oil cylinder: Using piston-type oil cylinders, according to its functions and pressure tonnage requirements, this series is divided into single, double, and triple cylinder structures.
  • Gear pump: Using the CBT-E5** series gear pump, it has the characteristics of simple structure, reliable operation, and low failure rate.
  • Multi-way directional valve (or distributor): It has overflow and overload prevention functions. The overflow part has good opening and closing characteristics, and the pressure is adjustable. The valve body of the directional valve can be arbitrarily increased or decreased according to needs, the functions of the slide valve can be freely combined, the micro-adjustable speed performance of the directional valve is good, the action is sensitive, and the operation is reliable.
  • Motor: Equipped with energy-saving Y-series three-phase asynchronous motor as the power source, with high efficiency, long life, and reliable operation.
  • Diesel engines are used as power sources in remote areas without power supply.
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