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Steam Boiler

Steam boiler refers to an industrial boiler that heats water to a certain parameter and produces high-temperature steam. Water is heated into steam in the drum, and the fire emits heat in the furnace, which is the principle of steam boiler. Steam boiler belongs to special equipment, the steam boiler design, processing, manufacturing, installation and use must accept the supervision of technical supervision departments, users only obtain the steam boiler use certificate, can use steam boiler.

Steam boiler can be divided into electric steam boiler based on fuel (electricity, oil, gas), oil-fired steam boiler, gas steam boiler three; According to the structure can be divided into vertical steam boiler, horizontal steam boiler, small and medium-sized steam boiler for single, double return vertical structure, large steam boiler for three horizontal return structure.

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Design ideas for steam boiler

In order to adapt to the needs of market changes, AGICO designs a series of steam boiler with low nitrogen, condensation, energy-saving and environmental protection according to the structural characteristics of several boiler shell boilers. This series of steam boiler are beautiful and novel in appearance, compact and reasonable, stable combustion, good performance, high thermal efficiency, small occupation area and automatic control.
This series of steam boiler is designed according to environment-friendly clean fuel-fuel oil and gas, in line with TSG G0001-2012 “Boiler Safety technology Supervision Regulations” NB/T47034-2013 “Industrial Boiler Technical Conditions”, TSG0002-2010 “Boiler energy-saving technology supervision and management regulations” and other professional manufacturing standards.

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Steam boiler system

• Condensing integrated fuel gas condensing horizontal wet-back downstream combustion steam boiler can be developed towards large-scale, assembly and automation.
• We have solved the problems of enhancing heat transfer, heat dissipation loss, adapting to load change, sealing and reasonable expansion and contraction of the steam boiler structure.
• Micro positive pressure in the fuel in the furnace combustion, high-temperature flue gas furnace along the waveform for radiation heat transfer, back to the furnace tail turn 180 ° before entering the second return pipe forward back into smoke box turn 90 ° upward into the secondary condenser for convective heat transfer, and then by the secondary condenser into the condenser, in which the convective heat transfer, and finally through the chimney into the atmosphere.
• This series of steam boiler have the advantages of compact structure, small occupation area, long operation cycle, convenient installation, maintenance, operation and operation. Equipped with Italian Rial burner and boiler fully supporting, automatic program control and interlock protection, high degree of automation, high thermal efficiency, to meet the requirements of users.

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Features of steam boiler for sale

1. The condenser is arranged in two stages, and the waste heat of flue gas is used in steps. The non-cutting extruded spiral finned tube is used on the inside to enhance heat transfer, lower smoke exhaust temperature and higher thermal efficiency. The body of steam boiler for sale, the first-level energy saver and the second-level condenser are organically combined into one, which is easy to install and covers a small area.
2. According to the principle that the radiation heat transfer in furnace is proportional to the fourth power of temperature, we optimize the design of heating surface. The total heat absorption ratio of corrugated furnace is large, and it has good expansion and contraction.

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3. Axisymmetric downward bias, wet-back downstream combustion return structure, high-temperature flue gas all gathered in the front smokebox, the rear smoke temperature is very low, direct insulation layer insulation, reduce the maintenance cost; Integrated front smoke box double door sets, smokebox door double sealing, simple structure, easy to open, run, operation and maintenance.
4. The steam boiler for sale adopts double layer aluminum platinum glass fiber cotton as heat preservation material, which has good heat preservation performance, lightweight and convenient transportation and installation.
5. The upper part of the steam boiler for sale is provided with manhole device, the lower part is provided with cleaning device, easy maintenance and maintenance. This series of boilers are manufactured in accordance with the requirements of GB/T16508.4 — 2013 Shell Boilers part 4: Manufacturing, inspection and Acceptance, which is a complete symbol of the national standard.

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